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Creating "awakening"
and "amazement" worldwide
through Blockchain technology
and NFT Marketing

The latest technologies and trends are changing the world greatly.
We are accelerating Web3 and creating a DAO society in order to acknowledge more people about Japan and its excellence.

Message from
the President

We change our business direction to Web3 business with Blockchain, digital wallet, and NFT.

The business structure has been flattened, and each of our three horaizontal business department carries out projects considering how to apply blockchain technology to its product, and “what value” can be added, and then to execute these ideas into practice.

Under this environment, our staff can freely come up with NFT business idea, and the information and knowledge will be shared to all other team; as a result, they make a dramatic leap forward to the goal.

As building an experience and know-how of NFT business, we can develop build digital wallet in-house.

Web3 is progressing on a global scale, and its infrastructure and 5G communication tools have been spreaded quickly. While embracing the changes of this era positively, we would like to work with everyone involved in and to spread the excellence of Japan and Japanese companies to the world.